Tashia Stuart sentenced to 45 years in prison

Tashia Stuart sentenced to 45 years in prison
FRANKLIN COUNTY, Wash. - It was an emotional end to a case that's dragged through the courts for two years.

A jury had already convicted Tashia Stuart of first degree murder and today was time to learn the price she'd pay.

Stuart said, "I don't give a damn about myself, your honor, I never have. You could electrocute me, you can hang me, poison me, what ever."

She may not give a damn, but her lawyers want a new trial for convicted killer for her.

The 40-year old killed her mother in their west Pasco home. It was the culmination of a well-conceived plot to murder Judy Hebert for her money. She was shot to death back in 2011.

John Coffee went with Tashia's dad to help clear the house.

He said,"Rolf and I discovered that we were also, someone was going to have to scrape Judy off the walls of the house."

John was one of four people to address the court during Stuart's sentencing. The victim's ex-husband is remarried and raising his granddaughter. His wife spoke of the pain and trauma felt by the nine-year old who there that horrible day.

Nicola Hebert said,"She dreams about here nana's skin flying through the air."

Tashia Stuart herself spoke to the court about her daughter.

She said, "My baby is going to end up a sad, suicidal kid just like me."

She mostly wanted to focus on herself. She cried, begged and pleaded for the judge to give her one more chance. Stuart still claims everyone is out to get her, including her dead mother.

She said, "She tries to kill me twice and he lies to get me locked up for the second time for no reason, it's not fair!"

After a series of outbursts to the court and her family, she stopped, dried her tears, and sat quietly waiting for her sentence to be read.

Minutes felt like hours and finally Judge Mitchell told Tashia Stuart just how long she's stay behind bars, 45-years.

With no chance for parole, Stuart will be 85-years-old before she's free. Decades behind bars may finally force her to admit her mistakes.

Her dad, Rolf Hebert said, "Nothing throughout her life was ever her fault."

She'll finally be held accountable for the premeditated murder of her own mother.

Stuart's ex-husband was put on trial for attempted murder last year.

Prosecutors believed he helped plan an attack on Hebert before she was killed.

Todd Stuart was acquitted by a jury of his peers.