Connell murder suspect still on the loose

Connell murder suspect still on the loose »Play Video
CONNELL, Wash. -- Police in Connell are stepping up their investigation into last week's murder. The department issued a Crimes Stoppers Bulletin hoping to find their man.

Authorities now know Julio Cesar Hernandez shot his ex-wife's new boyfriend several times.

The car and weapon used in that crime were recovered.

Hernandez was last seen near Othello, but his trail has gone cold. Police are working with Hernandez's family, hoping to find him.

KEPR asked, "Any indication that the suspect may have fled the country?"

Chief Mike Kessler, Connell police replied, "Not at this point? We do have information that he's got friends outside the state. Again, we can't, we have no way of knowing where he is at this point."

Police admit they have very few leads at this point.