Clean up on Clodfelter fire

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - Parts of the nine square miles burned in South Kennewick are still smoldering a day later.

Crews worked overnight Tuesday to put out hot spots, but still, some areas are out of reach. Officials say the blaze was ignited by a toy model rocket.

Fire patrols are combing the area making sure none of the hot spots get out of control. Benton PUD is working to make sure power is restored in some parts of the city.

Fire marshals and the Benton County Sheriff's Department took to the sky snapping pictures of the damage.

Neighbor Don Baslington said, "The fire department really did a good job. Everybody's keeping an eye out. You got a lot of home owners that are still at home you know, just in case. But most of the fuel is already burnt. So the worst is passed."

In all, 52 homes that were threatened were saved by fire crews. The fire was contained around 10pm Tuesday night.

Officials say the cause was an accident and no charges are expected to be filed.