City of Pasco to revitalize historic buildings and sites over next five years

City of Pasco to revitalize historic buildings and sites over next five years
PASCO, Wash. -- Pasco has a plan to bring more life to the city. They will do it over the next five years. But they want to hear your thoughts on their project plan.

Miguel Angulo has owned Mi Casa Furniture for the past five years. It's located on the corner of West Lewis Street and 4th Avenue. He says, business is steady, but thinks giving downtown Pasco a new look would benefit everyone.

"That would be good because the city of Pasco needs a new life, downtown Pasco is basically dying," said Angulo.

The project would help businesses to grow and provide more jobs.

"We need to inject new life so we can attract more people into the city and also more tax money for the city," said Angulo.

Pasco officials would agree. It's why they want to give the city a make-over. They want to fix up the historic buildings, like the U.S. Post Office, the Franklin County Museum, and City Hall. It's all part of their Downtown Historic Preservation Project. They've put a five-year plan together and are asking for your input. Officials will hold a hearing at city hall this week.

The city says it's cheaper to preserve their old buildings than to start from scratch and build new ones, but a problem they're facing is a lack of awareness and incentive in the community.

"Usually, you know, when a city looks nice, I think that people feel more, comfy," said Juagl Uperibas.

The project will be funded mostly by grants and lodging taxes. Officials believe it will increase property values up to 20% as well as generate hundreds of construction jobs and encourage tourism.

"People sometimes come to visit towns to see museums," said Uperibas.

The public hearing will be held Wednesday at 7PM in Pasco City Council Chambers.