Charity worker and mother faces eviction after rent money stolen

Charity worker and mother faces eviction after rent money stolen »Play Video

 PASCO, Wash. -- A woman whose full time job is helping others is now in need of help herself. The head of the Family Resource Center collects no salary to support herself and three kids with Autism.

And now she's about to be evicted after rent money was stolen.

Yadira Galvan founded Kennewick's Family Resource Center. It's an all-volunteer organization that helps low-income families get in touch with programs they could benefit from, including a yearly Christmas party that provides gifts to children. Yadira doesn't get paid in her role as director, but she felt called to do the job.

"I have three children with special needs, so it was important that other families with kids like me to have access to services," she says.

Yadira lives on a fixed income herself. State resources help her take care of her kids. And now the woman who has helped hundreds of families, is about to be evicted. Since she doesn't get a salary, she was behind on rent. The money she had to get current was stolen during a barbecue with friends over the weekend.

"I've never, ever lost money or had anybody steal money from me so it's a big shocker," she says.

Fellow volunteers were devastated and reached out to KEPR.

"Everything she does make goes back to the community and the family resource center. And then something like that--and then to see her lose her rent money is just appalling," said volunteer and mentor Randy Grady.

He says Yadira's selfless work helping others is unmatched.

"She could be making a lot more money with her expertise and her personality and what not, but she chooses to give back back to those that need help," he said.

But now, Yadira finds herself on the wrong side of a situation that's all too familiar. Randy just wishes she will finally feel a pat on the back from the hundreds she's helped.

"She does so much for everybody else, but maybe it's time to reimburse her a little and say thank you for what you're doing," he pleaded.

Police have a police report but no witnesses.  Yadira and her children will have to move in the next few days if they can't come up with the rent. If you'd like to help, you can contact the family resource center directly by going to their Facebook page found here.