Car thefts hit Kennewick

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KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Three stolen cars in 24 hours all within a two-and-a-half mile radius. That's what's facing the Kennewick police.

Kennewick police have had their hands full the last few months with car prowls and thefts.

"This is still such a lucrative crime," says Kennewick Police Sergeant Ken Lattin.

Police tell us Kennewick has seen 89 car thefts in the last year--three of them in just last few days.

"Three in one night is quite unusual. It's hard to tell yet if this is the result of one person or a group of people, but clearly, any time we have three in a 24 hour period at a time, that's quite significant," Sgt. Lattin says.

All three cars were stolen just a few miles from each other.

Rachel Grove has had her car broken into twice. Her neighbor was one of the three victims who got their cars stolen.

"It makes me angry because you can only do so much and put locks and alarms on your cars," she says.

Sgt. Lattin says the best way to stop a thief is being proactive.

Most cars come equipped with an alarm system, but police say just making a lot of noise isn't enough if you don't come out and check on your car when it happens.

Often times, criminals will wait in the shadows and trigger the alarm, waiting for you to come out, and when you don't-- they know they have a golden opportunity for their next big score.

Rachel says she doesn't feel any less safe with the increase in car thefts, but would like to see more patrols from police.

"It's a good town, it's a good community, so the sooner these kinds of things decrease, the better," she says.

All three cars were were taken during the night.

Police say if you're parking your car on the street..try to keep it under a light.

And if you hear an alarm go off..make sure to go out and check your car.