Car crashes through Kennewick apartment complex

Car crashes through Kennewick apartment complex
KENNEWICK, Wash. -- It was a close call overnight for neighbors in Kennewick.

A car smashed into an apartment complex jolting residents awake, thankfully no one was hurt.

Sew They is a Burmese refugee and has only been in the US for about a year.

Working on his English, he needs an interpreter to communicate.
His wake up call on Sunday morning was not exactly his idea of the American dream.

"His heart was beating really fast. He was scared and surprised also,"
his friend Sew Dun said.

A black Mercedes came crashing through his living room.
And it didn't stop there. The car tore through three other apartments on South Olympia.

"He looked at his living room and there was already a big hole there," Dun says.

Remarkably...none of the tenants were hit. And none of the buildings collapsed.

Droves of people gathered on the sidewalk and the lawn outside the apartment complex just to get a glimpse of what happened the night before. Now all they see is hole in the wall where a car crashed right through it.

Police expected to see a gruesome scene.They say not only was the driver drunk, but speeding.

"To actually go through several walls--that was pretty horrific the first thoughts. Then once you find out that no one was seriously inured, it was a big sigh of relief," says Officer Aaron Hamel with the Kennewick Police Department.

The only injuries were to the 23 year old driver. He was taken to the hospital for head injuries and cited for a DUI. Sew says it was the first night he hadn't slept in his living room since he moved in. Had he been there, he would most likely have been killed.

"Yes, of course he is thankful. Maybe God has saved him or maybe the god of angels makes him to sleep in his room," Dun said on They's behalf.

And may continue to sleep in his own bed from now on.

There is no word on the cost of all the damage. Police are still waiting on a toxicology report on the driver.