Some Kennewick residents without irrigation water

Some Kennewick residents without irrigation water »Play Video
KENNEWICK, Wash. -- If you live around the Southeast part of Kennewick or in Finley, you may have woken up without irrigation water Sunday morning. The Kennewick Irrigation District says there was a canal breach in Division 4 near Game Farm Road and Oak Street.

The water was turned off last night in these areas to prevent a greater spill from happening. Crews have been working to repair the breach all night and all day. One man who was affected says he hasn't experienced a canal breach in over a decade.

"It's part of life, things happen, whether it's with the city, irrigation district, municipality...just sometimes things happen. If they could have predicted then they would have had a fix by now, which they're not," said one person affected by the breach, Brad Wellenbrock.

KID says the AP canal will be switched over and have water back by Monday.