CRIME TRACKER: Burglaries trending downwards

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TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- The KEPR Crime Tracker is continuing to follow the recent spike in home burglaries and cars ransacked across the Tri-Cities. We looked at week-to-week numbers and found the numbers have actually fallen since some arrests were made. KEPR looked at what parts of town are targeted.

Rachel Long is just started driving. Her grandma bought her a 20 year old Honda. She was shocked to get in her car recently and find it didn't work. Her ignition was destroyed by thieves attempting to steal her car.

"I thought it was burnt out because I didn't really know what it looked like to get stolen so then I asked my dad and was like dad there's something wrong with my ignition," she said.

After her dad and police took a look, it was obvious thieves tried to steal her car.

"They used a hammer, you can see around here where this is right now, it was all 'jammered' out and instead of a little hole like that, it was probably like this big a size."

Rachel is one of a couple hundred victims of either car theft or burglary in recent weeks.

In the map of all the burlgaries and car thefts in the Tri-Cities in the past three weeks, the blue represents home burglaries. The dark green is any form of theft. And the light green, like Rachel's category, is both car theft and theft from inside vehicles.

The worst was the first week, where there were nearly 100 burglaries and thefts for the week ending on January 17th. The next week, dropped down to 68. And just this past week, only 52. Police hope some recent arrests made the difference. Even though thieves weren't successful in taking Rachel's car, the damage was done.

"Now my dad had to spend money and we have to put this on my wheel to make sure nobody steals my car anymore. It's a lock and it has an alarm system on it," she said.

She hopes it will keep away the thieves for good.

Police say all three cities have been working together to share info. They also know once the bad guys serve their time, they're quickly back on the streets to steal again.