CBC to expand their nursing program

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RICHLAND, Wash. -- An expansion at CBC aims to shake up our local nursing industry.

The school will add a new medical science center in downtown Richland. It's one more example of the growing medical field that's putting thousands of people to work.

Move over Hanford. You talk about a booming job industry for Tri-Cities, look no further than our health care providers.

"There are 2,800 employees at Kadlec, 1,200 at Trios, 850 at Lourdes, and quickly, from the hospitals alone, you're at the largest employer base in the Tri-Cities," says Rich Cummins, the President of Columbia Basin College.

He says he's excited for the direction our community is heading.
As baby boomers retire and more people sign on for health insurance, nurses are in demand. It's why CBC is looking to expand its nursing program to include a bachelor's degree.

"The Washington State Quality Commission, the Nursing Commission, all these different things say that 80 percent of the workforce by 2020 should have a bachelor's degree in nursing," Cummins said.

Potential nursing students can already get a Bachelor's degree right in town through WSU Tri-Cities. The program takes about three years.
Columbia Basin wants to offer an alternate.

Many people in the medical field have an Associates' Degree, and could now go back to school for their Bachelor's. It's why CBC is teaming up with Kadlec to build a brand new medical science center in Richland.

The more than 16 million dollar expansion project will go across the street from Delta High School on Northgate Drive. It's going to be at least four stories tall.

If all goes as planned, the College could start building by this time next year. Students and current medical staff would work in tandem.
It's a fresh start that will bolster our growing medical industry right here in the Tri-Cities.

Kadlec is donating three-million dollars to the project. CBC's new bachelor's degree program should be up and running in 2016.