Car prowlers target West Richland neighborhood

Car prowlers target West Richland neighborhood
WEST RICHLAND, Wash. -- "We just assume it's nice and quiet up here," said neighbor Frank Zvonar.

If only it were so. After 30 years of peace and quiet, Frank neighborhood is suddenly the pin-point for crime in West Richland. Cops say two men are responsible for a rash of car prowls in this area. Eight cases have been reported in the last day alone.

"We're somewhat isolated, driving through here is kind of a maze," he said.

It's for that reason why police believe the suspects committed their crimes on foot. Checking for unlocked cars, rummaging through people's things. They looked for for cash, iPads, cellphones basically anything they could get their hands on.

A total of 8 cars were hit starting on Maplewood Ave. The crooks worked their way south. Making hits on Noble Court, Papyrus all the way down to Kirkwood Lane Until cops surrounded the neighborhood.
Still they came up empty handed.

Neighborhoods in West Richland are known for their well manicured lawns and quiet streets not for criminal activity. Neighbors tell me they can't help but wonder if it's the increase in development that's attracting thieves.

"More people so I mean the opportunities are certainly there," said Frank.

Police say the same. They tell KEPR crime often rises when the population increases causing officers to rethink their tactics. West Richland doesn't have any official neighborhood watch programs.

Sgt. Thomas Grego, West Richland Police, said, "I definitely will be speaking to the chief after this incident to come up with different plans of maybe getting out there to the public."

For now, folks like Frank are keeping their eyes peeled.

"Know your neighbors and make sure that the people driving in and out are somebody you know," he said.

Police need more information to make an arrest and are asking for your help. If you know or hear of something contact them. As always, they are reminding everyone to keep their doors locked.