Burglars being watched in Kennewick

Burglars being watched in Kennewick
KENNEWICK, Wash. - This quiet neighborhood in the hills of Kennewick has been victim to a string of break-ins over the summer.

"I believe it's the same guy that comes here periodically, targeting this neighborhood because he thinks nobody's really looking out," said neighbor Lee Green.

He says the burglar thinks he found a gold mine near 31st Avenue and Dayton. The crook has helped himself to anything, from scrap metal to lawn equipment to construction tools. These items can be sold for quick cash. Neighbors are now uniting to catch him in the act.

Neighbors have been left with no choice but to install security cameras like the one you see here mounted on this garage and even with the number of photos they've snapped, they still can't put a face on the person who's been coming into their neighborhood.

His truck is visible in these images and he's even seen here, lurking around a car in someone's driveway. Just this week the thief ran across a few lawns and hit a truck leaving part of his vehicle behind.
Even with all this so-called evidence, police don't know who he is.

These burglaries are some of more than 200 to hit the city of Kennewick so far this year. In all of last year Kennewick had 403 home burglaries. At the current pace, there would be more than 500 victims by the end of the year. Police investigate every single one. They solve about a fifth of the crimes.

"Our recovery rate, or our average clearance rate for burglaries is up into the 20's, mid to upper 20's where the national average is substantially below that," said Mike Blatman, Kennewick Police.

Neighbors know they're still at risk until someone is caught.

Lee said,"There are these people out here that are willing to go to any lengths."

Neighbors in the area near 31st and Dayton are now offering a reward for any information on the person or people responsible for burglarizing their homes.