Asian fusion food truck hits the Tri-Cities

Asian fusion food truck hits the Tri-Cities »Play Video
RICHLAND, Wash. - We first told you about the newest food truck to hit our area yesterday on Facebook.

Today, we decided to get a closer look at what's being served up in John Dam Plaza this summer.

Kindra's Wok and Roll offers Asian fusion in downtown Richland.

Combining Korean flavors with traditional Chinese fare like egg rolls. Teriyaki chicken is grilled on site.

We're told everything is made from scratch, including all of the sauces.

This is the latest project benefiting the KMP Foundation. Honoring the memory of 5-year old Kindra, who the truck is named after.

Rocky Jenkins first time customer said, "I will tell you this food is phenomenal."

Alessandra Dearing finally made the trip out for her first meal. She said, "Seen it on Facebook, many times. I've been craving it every time I see it. Looks amazing.

Kai Phensavanh, owner said, "We want to be a business that's part of the community to give back to the community as well not only here locally but also 3rd world countries."

She is dedicated to keeping her daughter's memory alive. She passed away last year after a battle with pneumonia.

Kai has been raising money, selling egg rolls. Last year, she donated all the money from those sales to help local, needy children, buying school supplies. She took one child on a shopping spree for back to school clothes.

She will continue to donate all of the proceeds from the egg rolls sold on the truck to the foundation.

Kai's vision for the foundation is to help children in Laos, giving them clean drinking water, food and clothing.