Aquatics center up for debate

Aquatics center up for debate
TRI-CITIES, Wash. - Ballots are in voters hands and the most watched race is the decision on a Tri-Cities aquatic center.

A tenth of a penny will make the aquatic center boom or bust.
Those for and against the project laid their case out in just ten minutes time today. The debate was for a local Kiwanis Club.

Before the face off here at the Shilo Inn, both sides agreed, the Tri-Cities definitely needs more aquatic space, they just disagree on how best to fill our needs.

A grass roots effort got the ball rolling on the project. Knocking on doors, raising money and putting together the survey that ultimately led to these park designs.

A state of the art water facility, complete with competition-style pools, water slides, a wave pool and even a surfing simulator. Not only would it attract tourists and local visitors but also sports teams from around the region.

Paul Whitemarsh is all for the project. He said, "There are any number of water parks that have proven successful because they bring people back time and time again. There's more than something to do than swim laps."

After the flag of a card it was a chance for the other side. Those against this project are quick to say they're not against an aquatic center. They're just against this project.

They want the tax to be doubled, from a tenth of a cent to two-tenths.
Using the extra cash to improve city pools to make them year-round. Don't build anything from the ground-up at all.

Victor Epperly is against the idea. He said,"Providing some water activity features in each of those facilities to make them popular as far as water slides and that sort of activity."

Voters will decide on Tuesday to contribute a tenth of a penny to building this dream.

If the aquatics center isn't approved by voters Tuesday, it will likely come up again in a future election.