Air Race Classic comes to Tri-Cities

Air Race Classic comes to Tri-Cities »Play Video
PASCO -- If you had your eyes on the sky this weekend, you would have seen around 50 airplanes flying into the Pasco Airport. The single engine air-crafts arrived as part of the 2013 Air Race Classic. It's a cross country race that will begin Tuesday and features all female pilots. Managers at Bergstrom Aircraft have been hard at work getting ready for the cross country event.

"It's been kinda crazy because between fueling and towing the aircraft back and forth to be inspected or washed or maintenance requirements. Yeah we're nothing but feet running all the time," says manager Joe Pedalino.

The pilots have spent the weekend going over last-minute safety checks. And for good reason. The race will last three days and ends in Arkansas. The pilots head into the sky Tuesday morning.