Local group no longer able to rescue abused horses

Local group no longer able to rescue abused horses
PASCO, Wash -- A local non-profit can no longer afford to take in abused horses. Spot-O-Faith Farm began with the intention of rescuing and rehabilitating horses, but the costs are just too much.

Linda Christiano started Spot-O-Faith Farm with her husband about four years ago. Their mission was to rescue and relocate abused horses. It was never about making money.

"We went in because it was a passion and we felt like we could make a difference," said Linda.

But money became a problem.

"It's pretty intensive," Linda said. "The amount of work, every two hours you feed them small amounts and the cost is very high."

Linda was spending more than $30 a day per horse. This covers food, medical costs and grooming like hoof care.

Linda says they received about $5,000 in donations since they established the charity. But that money would be gone in just three months of taking care of three horses.

"It would be nice if we could see generous donations coming in to help support and the volunteers to help," said Linda.

Jazi is a six-year-old horse that was abandoned in Franklin County. Now horses like Jazi will have to find a new home to go to.

Franklin County Sheriff Richard Lathim says it's a loss for the community.

"It's kind of disappointing that that happened because it makes it a lot easier for our deputies if they get in a situation like that; they know they have a place to go," said Lathim.

He hopes individuals will be able to help horses in need if they can no longer call Spot-O-Faith Farm.

"People that have stepped up and volunteered to help us out for a short period of time or help us move animals, so I'm sure that will continue in the future," said Lathim.

Spot-O-Faith rescued 36 horses in the four years since the nonprofit began. It hopes to welcome people to the farm to see horses in the future, without taking abused animals in.