A year later, wall keeping family safe

A year later, wall keeping family safe
KENNEWICK -- Action News is following up on an accident hot-spot and we discovered things are much safer than in the past.

The intersection of West 27th and Vancouver Street had as many as fifteen accidents each year. Many of those crashes then spilled over into the yard of Bruce and Jackie Pritchard.

Fearing for their safety, the Pritchards asked Kennewick to install safety barriers at the intersection. And a year later, we learned it's made all the difference. Since the barriers went up, there have been no additional accidents.

Bruce Pritchard is happy with the the added protection.

"It really does wear on you and you're supposed to feel safe in your home and we definitely had the feeling that no matter how we cut it, we were going to come out on the losing end of it. And we feel a lot better now. Hopefully it will continue this way," he says.

The city also put up a flashing light before the intersection to warn drivers to slow down.