A new roundabout in the Tri-Cities?

A new roundabout in the Tri-Cities? »Play Video
RICHLAND, Wash. - Nearly 35,000 cars sail through the Leslie Road and Gage Boulevard intersection every single day. As many as a thousand an hour at times pass by.

Which is why it's routinely considered the most dangerous intersection in Richland. It averaged more than one accident a month last year alone. This is part of the reason why Richland is considering a roundabout here.

The city says it would "calm" the flow of traffic. We have so many roundabouts because they're found to be safer than traditional intersections. Deadly t-bone wrecks from a red light runner can't happen in a roundabout.

Judging from the hundreds of comments on Facebook, people aren't thrilled with the idea. Neither is landscaper Bobby Paine.

He said, "I have customers that want to be mowed at a certain time, so I have to try to work with them but I also got to try to work with the congestion, too."

Bobby travels about 200 miles daily, schedules trips around the traffic.

"I try to change my routing up so I'm not in areas like this at peak times," he said.

It's not just this change. Richland is looking at other changes in a master plan.

Those could include adding trees along Keene Road, improving visibility on Columbia Park Trail, making the roads pedestrian and biker friendly.

Also adding landscaping on G-W Way.

Bobby is on board if it helps him get more done in his day.

He said, "Traffic is the issue, not the time on the lawns."

Hoping better, safer roads will mean a shorter commuter for all.

These projects aren't a done deal and there's no time table for when they could start.

Richland is in the early stages of planning for the future.