4-alarm fire torches Pasco motel

4-alarm fire torches Pasco motel
PASCO -- A 4-alarm fire in Pasco has units from all over the Columbia Basin responding. From Pasco, Kennewick and Richland to Walla Walla, Prosser and Hanford.
By the time they reached the Loyaly Inn on the corner of 18th and West Lewis in Pasco, several units under renovation were fully engulfed.
Chief Bob Gear with Pasco fire told Action News it started in the arbovida outside the center area of a two-block long building. Pasco police have arrested James Grant and charged him with reckless burning. Grant said he was cleaning the smoking area by setting some weeds on fire and the fire got out of control.
Because of the gusting winds, the fire was spreading quickly..and Chief Gear says their main focal point became containing it in the middle of the building let the fire work back on itself.
"We did what we call a trench cut on this side which is like cutting a fire line across the roof", said Gear. "We trench this side but they weren't able to push the ceiling down. We had to get underneath with chainsaws and saw all that ceiling down to make that fire line hold. To stop the spread of the fire from mushrooming out of the fire", he added.
this entire unit is under renovation, and no one was inside. The fire department will stay throughout the night to make sure there aren't any flare-ups.