3.2 magnitude earthquake Sunday morning north of Richland

3.2 magnitude earthquake Sunday morning north of Richland
RICHLAND, Wash. -- It wasn't your typical morning in the Tri-Cities. The biggest earthquake of the year, although still small, hit town just north of Richland. KEPR talked to people who felt the shake.

"It wasn't bad..but if definitely was surprising," said Jessica Morales, who felt the quake.

She and her husband, Eric Grenier felt the 3.2 magnitude earthquake this morning. But they both say they've felt much worse. Moving to the Tri-Cities from Anchorage, Alaska six years ago for two reasons - the cold and the earthquakes.

"I tried to wake her up and say, 'Did you feel that?' And the dogs were barking and I knew that was an earthquake but that was my first thing I said to her, was, they don't get earthquakes here I thought, that's why I moved," said Grenier.

The earthquake was centered eight miles north of Richland early Sunday morning.

"It woke Oliver up, he was ready to start the day after that...Did you feel the earth quake bud?...Uh-huh...What'd you feel?...The earthquake...What happened?...It shook me...It shook you?...Uh huh."

The Tri-Cities has seen six earthquakes in the past year according to Earthquaketrack.com. None of which measured up to this one. The same website shows where they all took place. Everyone who felt the quake said it was quick.

"I was watching TV, I was waiting for some more cause I enjoy the," said Grenier.

Since the last one Eric and Jessica felt was 30 seconds long and split the highway in half, they decided not to respond to this one, hoping everything stayed in line.

"Honestly, we blew it off, like oh, yeah, I guess it's an earthquake so we didn't really respond to it cause it wasn't that bad," said Morales.

There have been no reports of any injuries or damage so far.