3 bodies found on Benton County farm, workers want answers

3 bodies found on Benton County farm, workers want answers »Play Video
BENTON COUNTY SHERIFF'S NEWS RELEASE -- The Benton County Sheriff's Office is still actively investigating the case. All three victims have been identified and died of homicidal means.

Two of the victims have been identified as David Perez Saucedo (23 years of age) and Victoria Torres (19 years of age). The identity of the third victim, a 23 year old female, is being withheld pending notification of the next of kin.

Officials have confirmed one or more suspects are on the loose. This is not a murder-suicide.

Due to the nature of the case, no further information can be released to the public.

Original Story:

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- Benton County Sheriff's deputies and detectives are working on a death investigation involving three bodies found on commercial farm land.

It's the first week of work on Easterday Farms for Eugenia Lopez and her daughter Brenda Uriostegui. They work on an apple orchard, arriving at 5 a.m. Saturday.

"We got here and a friend of ours was late, well she just works with us. And she was like, there's a bunch of cops and stuff around there. She's like what's going on? We're like well we got here at 5 a.m. and there was no one here yet so it was dark and we couldn't really see anything," said Uriostegui.

They were frightened by their co-worker's news.

"We feel curious, we feel scared, we feel nervous, we feel worried," said Lopez.

"At about 6 o'clock this morning, we got a call from a farm worker with the farm out here and he came across a couple of bodies. Deputies responded and found them, and also found a third additional body," said Benton County Lieutenant Chuck Jones.

The commercial farm is located Southeast of the intersection at Nine Canyon Road and Coffin Road.

Lieutenant Chuck Jones says a farm worker that came across the two bodies while working at his normal, routine spot near the corn fields. He also says it's too soon in the investigation to say if they are looking for a suspect or if the deaths had just occurred.

"We're so early into the investigation, we really have a lot of work to do," said Lt. Jones.

Investigators tell KEPR they have no idea how long an investigation as complex as this could take. They're anticipating it can take a few days.

Lopez says she wants to know more. She wants to know if the person responsible is working on the same farm as her.

"I ask if they was working here or who they are and the guy say well we don't know exactly who. They gonna find out, but they don't know why the bodies here and they don't know if they was working here too," she said.

Both women are happy to be off work until Monday. They hope to learn more about the three bodies found on their workplace before their next shift.

Benton County Sheriff's say they may release more information Sunday morning, unless they have a major development.