WWT: Britney Baby No More Times!

WWT: Britney Baby No More Times!
From comeback to never comeback again, Britney blew it big gtime at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Spears lip-synced her soon- to-be-single "Gimme More" but even 50 Cent was eying a look that said "Gimme Less, a lot less".

Reports are Spears cried backstage after the brutal performance (she should have seen me on the couch, wasn't enough tissue in the house, but mine were tears of laughter).

The fact is groupies grabbing for Faith Hill's husband had better moves than Britney!

I mean c'mon! She could never sing live, which we lived with. But now she can't even dance live and I don't think there's a computer program that can help her fake that.

What's With That?!