Who's going to clean up the former M Hotel?

Who's going to clean up the former M Hotel?
RICHLAND, Wash. - An abandoned hotel in Richland has been collecting dust since last fall. Wednesday code enforcement opened a case, hoping to get the property cleaned up.

Overgrown weeds, trees and trash litter the property of the former M hotel on George Washington Way.

The building was supposed to be auctioned off earlier this month. KEPR learned that the sale has been put off.

Code enforcement officers are trying to track down those responsible for the property after the owner went bankrupt.

If they can't, tax payers will pay for the clean up.

Sgt. Carmen Ver Steeg with the Richland PD said, "Eventually the city would have to have somebody come in to cut those down and to take the debris away and maybe even spray it as a sterilant to maintain it for a while."

The code enforcement case could result in a lien slapped on the property.