Walla Walla says yes to selling pot

Walla Walla says yes to selling pot
WALLA WALLA, Wash. - Many local towns have put legal pot sales on hold despite the passage of I-502. Walla Walla is the only nearby spot that's moving forward with stores to sell marijuana.

The state is moving ahead with plans to sell pot in stores.
Robert Fastenow is not a fan.

He said, "I got to put up with drunk drivers you know what am I going to do with happy people running around with marijuana?"

He says, if it weren't for the money, the state would have never put it to a vote. Don't even get him started on underage users.

"They're not supposed to have cigarettes at a certain age but yet they can go get somebody to go and get 'em for 'em," he said.

Regardless of the what 'ifs', Walla Walla is going with the 'what will be'. While each community in the Tri-Cities has put in place a six month moratorium on pot stores.

Walla Walla is pushing ahead with not only allowing the stores, but deciding where they'll go.

Keeping a thousand feet away from where kids might be like schools, libraries, parks.

A few areas around Walla Walla fall in line with the guidelines, all on the outskirts of town. To the northeast by Airport Rd, down to the southern edge off Tieton and two areas to the west, one off Rose near Myra. The other near Pine and Highway 12.

The city attorney tells Action News all of the city leaders agree, it's better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to marijuana laws and crimes. They really see this as an opportunity to continue to protect the community.

Attorney Tim Donaldson is working with the state liquor control board to fine tune the rules for Walla Walla.

He said, "Because of the gaps in the state law we think that there's more of a threat that the feds would be upset if you don't attempt to regulate and have robust regulations."

Officials believe this will help to better regulate crime. While they are prepared for an uptick, they think pot will be easier to control and keep an eye on.

Something that Robert doesn't think will happen.

He said,"One of the reasons that I moved to Walla Walla is because I felt I could walk the streets anytime of day without any problem."

By controlling and regulating how pot is sold the city, plans to keep that way.

Walla Walla City Council will let the community make the ultimate decision on where the stores will go once plans are final.