Update on Ki-Be school thefts

Update on Ki-Be school thefts
BENTON CITY, Wash. - We have new information on a story we first told you about last night.

Multiple thefts in the Ki-Be School District had many of you wondering what the district was doing to shore things up.

Most recently a former lunch lady was charged with taking close to $900 from the register.

Earlier this year a former maintenance supervisor was accused of stealing district equipment and selling it on eBay.

Superintendent Rom Castilleja tells Action News the district has put more checks and balances in place.

Records are audited twice a day. Equipment is now under lock and key with limited access.

Also, strict hiring guidelines are also in place.
Superintendent Rom Castilleja said, "The challenge is that you can never always take into account different issues that area going to take place in a person's life in the future from the time that they've been hired."

Officials also tell us that all of the lunch money was replaced by the district, none of the kids went without.