Two accused child killers in court

Two accused child killers in court »Play Video
BENTON COUNTY, Wash. - Two accused child killers faced the same judge in the same Benton County courtroom Wednesday.

First was Jose Aguilar, accused in the rape and murder of a Richland baby.

Aguilar fled the state after 9-month old Serenity Reedy was found dead last summer. He was hauled back to face charges.

Both sides agreed they are ready to move forward with trial. It's set for a week from Monday.

Kelli Jacobsen had her turn as soon as Aguilar was taken back into custody. She's charged with the manslaughter of one-year-old Ryder Morrison.

The Richland boy died a day after his first birthday. The state says he suffered from 'shaken baby' syndrome, causing his brain to hemorrhage.

Jacobsen was his nanny. Her first trial last summer ended in a hung jury.

Her re-trial has been pushed back until early fall due to a full court schedule.