Truck clips bicyclist in Kennewick

Truck clips bicyclist in Kennewick »Play Video
KENNEWICK, Wash. -- A bicyclist was clipped by a pickup Monday near the McDonald's at U.S. 395 and Kennewick Avenue.

The cyclist was taken to the hospital but didn't appear to have any major injuries. He was launched off his bike and landed on some gravel.

The driver of the truck was shaken up.

Kennewick Police Department Sgt. Ken Lattin said, "It's common for us. We're like, we're headed to lunch, there's multiple lanes of traffic, and there's a gap and you're going to shoot it and try and get into the driveway. You didn't see the bicyclist come up the road, so, it could happen to anybody."

It's not yet clear if the driver will be charged.