Trial for Josh Snapp's second accused killer underway

Trial for Josh Snapp's second accused killer underway
BENTON COUNTY, Wash. - Surveillance video shows two accused killers just hours after a murder in Richland. Before cops found the body of Josh Snapp near the Horn Rapids ORV park.

The two men on the tape were both charged with Snapp's murder. Prosecutors say they had equal roles in the shooting death of the 17 year old.

John Young argues otherwise. His defense strategy appears to paint Young as just a witness to the crime and had no idea Josh Hunt was going to execute their friend.

"He was shaking, there was something was going on," said Justin Danner.

He's a clerk at the Conoco station in Benton City. He was working at the station last Fourth of July. He testified that 19 year old John Young came in nervous and acting strange.

"He was kinda mumbling and so that's why I leaned in and asked him to repeat himself," he said.

You can see Young lean towards the counter and looking over his shoulder.
Asking the clerk for help. Young claimed he had witnessed a murder and asked the clerk to call 911.

He stayed in the men's room until deputies got there. Young told them he was afraid of co-defendant Josh Hunt.

Detective Scott Runge said, Mr. Young ducked his head down and said he couldn't look at him right now."

Young told detectives it was an abrupt shooting, with no confrontation.

Sargent Dan McCary said, "I can't believe he killed another human being. He didn't say anything just pulled it out and shot him."

The state argues otherwise. Prosecutors say these young men planned to kill their friend. They were angry over a $70 debt for marijuana and believed Josh Snapp was a snitch.

Prosecutors say the men took turns shooting the teen that day in the desert. The state plans to play a taped interview with police that they're calling a confession.

"He was crying off and on and seemed to be upset," said McCary.

The trial will resume Monday.

Young is on trial for premeditated murder and turned down a plea deal offered by the state.

Josh Hunt also went on trial for premeditated murder but the jury found him guilty of second degree.

He is serving a 23 year sentence and could be called to testify against young.