Tracking gang crime in Richland

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RICHLAND, Wash. - The KEPR Crime Tracker is taking a look at gang crime in Richland. Turns out most of the trouble is concentrated in one pocket of town.

Gangs are in every community in the Tri-Cities, including Richland. Sherryl Robinson happens to live in the part of Richland where gang trouble is at the highest.

She said, "My landlord put out a notice that there was someone going around knocking on doors and wanting to come in."

That's just off Mowry Square between Jadwin and George Washington Way. While she's almost been a victim herself, Sherryl says she still feels safe.

"You get those feelings, you know somebody's following you or whatever and absolutely nothing here," she said.

According to police, she's in a hot spot. Sherryl's apartment sits in a cluster of others where the most documented gang members live and where the most gang crime happens in Richland.

Despite the concentration the overall number of gang incidents was cut in half in the past few years. Police say it's just a coincidence that most of the activity happens in this part of Richland. It's making it easier for them to keep tabs on criminals. It helps keep the number of crimes to a minimum.

Police say proactive police work helps. Sherryl says it's made a difference.

She says, "They drive through a couple times a day or in the evening. They drive around to make sure everything's cool."

Officers also get help from the Crime Free Rental Program and Block Watches. It gives them extra eyes on the street.

Sherryl says, "I feel very relaxed, calm living up here."

Richland Police are working to keep it this way.

Officials say working with other agencies helps them to stay on top of the crime trends and when gangs flow from one town to the next.