Teen dies in snowboarding accident

Teen dies in snowboarding accident
BURBANK, Wash. -- KEPR is taking a closer look at the tragedy over the weekend at Ski Bluewood. A 14-year-old died after a fall on a beginner's trail.

It took close to two hours to get the boy off the mountain. Could more have been done?

Hunter Conner was a hunter, an outdoorsman and, most of all, an athlete.

Taking his snowboard down a beginner's trail at Ski Bluewood seemed natural for the teen.

Neighbor Shauna Guajardo said,"It's going to take a while for us to get it back together again."

Hunter just started his run when he fell. Reports say he wasn't wearing a helmet but was still conscious when Ski Patrol arrived. The eighth grader told them his board caught an edge and he fell forward.

Close to two hours would pass before an ambulance could get to him. A LifeFlight helicopter couldn't make it off the ground due to the weather.

He was eventually taken to Columbia County Hospital in Dayton. The hospital said they are not equipped to do surgery or handle trauma.

The close-knit community of Burbank is left to deal with the loss.

One of Hunter's teachers brought his kid's sidewalk chalk to school to give kids an opportunity to express themselves. Writing from the elementary school to the middle school all the way on down to the high school show an outpouring of love and support for Hunter.

Inside Columbia Middle School, a memory wall has quickly gone up. Students and teachers posted pictures, poems and letters about Hunter. His parents visited the wall today.

Counselors were at the school to help students who needed to talk.

Dana Camarena, Prevention Services Program Director said,"Part of this is just that this is unexpected."

She says the most help will come from the community and parents.

"You know everybody grieves differently and some of the kids were really close and so they, the way they're experiencing grief is different than others," she said.

Neighbors say it's going to take a lot of prayers to get through this.

Shauna said, "I pray for his family and for everyone here in our community."