TV Mounts: What you need to know to keep your kids safe

TV Mounts: What you need to know to keep your kids safe
RICHLAND, Wash. -- A terrible accident claimed the life of a Richland toddler on Sunday. A TV fell on the 18-month-old while at his home in the Jadwin Village Apartments. National stats say a fatal accident like this happens once every three weeks in the U.S., an accident health officials call completely preventable.

As the holiday season ramps up, Sears sees it every day, families coming in to make the big Christmas purchase – a flat screen TV. It’s busy, said Sears Associate Allen Parker, TVs fly off his shelves and people need to remember, the bigger the screen, the heavier the unit. “This is going to weigh 25 pounds,” he said of a 42” TV, “when you get into the 50”-60” market they range from 45 to 55 pounds.”

Although these models are sleeker and lighter than their 1990 counterparts, it's the design that comes with a major drawback. They can tip over.

“We call them unintentional injuries. We stay away from ‘accident’ because people think it just happens, but it's preventable and predictable,” said Annie Goodwin, Benton-Franklin Health District. It's the reason one family was at their neighborhood Sears on Monday night; having a toddler themselves they said the Richland story hit home. For them, the $50 investment protects not only their new TV, but their most prized possessions -- their kids.

Whether you’re protecting your investment from pets or protecting your kids from the investment, Sears has a bunch of mounts to fit any budget.

“If you have a TV stand already we sell anti-tip straps that you can mount to your TV to protect it from tipping over. This TV strap here fits up to a 70” TV and is $19.99,” said Parker. “We also have stands with a built in unit that attaches like a wall mount, this would avoid any kind of tipping.”

But, whether they tilt or swivel, wall mounts aren't the high price tickets they once were. “We have some on sale from $39.99 to $129.99,” said Parker. “It doesn't take a lot to ensure your safety.”

If you're buying a new TV, Sears asks several questions to help outfit your family with the safest options, but if you already own a TV and are just looking to buy a mount, all they need is the type of TV, size and weight to make sure you get home with the best buy.