Snow plows to keep roads clear

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TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- All that heavy snowfall from last night has made the roads treacherous again. Snow plowers are desperately trying to keep up, but there doesn't seem like there is any end in sight.

Snow plowing crews are working around the clock throughout the Tri-Cities to keep the snowfall from becoming a danger to drivers.
Though for some, it was a little too late - like this morning driver.

Frank Verduzco has been clearing the roads in Richland.

"We've been pretty busy. We've had the whole crew, and we've had some people from other departments have to come in and help us," said Verduzco.

Most have been working for hours before the sunrise. But because of the recurring heavy snowfall, it's been hard to finish the job.

"Once you clear one street and go to another street and come back, this one is full of snow again. It's a never-ending battle," said Verduzco.

That battle has taken it's toll on Rubi Soloiro's car.

"Every turn I take, I have to be really careful not to slip. I have gotten stuck a few times already and have had people help me push the car," said Soloiro.

That pushing helped her barely make it to the mechanic.

"Even pulling up in here, they had to help me get here. I need to get better tires to help me in the snow," said Soloiro.

With more snow expected to come, snow plowing crews will continually be working, but drivers may not be looking forward to hitting the roads

"I hope it doesn't snow because it will be bad getting around," said Soloiro.

The cities have a priority list for which streets will be plowed first, starting with main roads. To find out when your streets will be plowed, there's a link for all the cities on