Richland citizens trying to save Amon Basin

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RICHLAND, Wash. -- Action News continues to follow the efforts of a citizen group dedicated to preserving the Amon Basin. Richland plans on building a mega-neighborhood on the south side and needs more road space, but that group says the hundreds of homes will mean the death of the green space.

Developing 100 acres of natural open space into a large reserve has been a decade in the making.

Almost half will eventually be leveled and paved.

Aaron Halloway was born and raised in Richland.

"When I was a kid, my buddies and I would roam places now that are somebody's back yard or a farm or a golf course," he said. "This is all that's left."

Aaron came out to the greenway to show his support for Tapteal Greenway. They're a band of Richland neighbors dedicated to the upkeep of the Amon Basin Preserve in south Richland. It's the empty land straddled by Leslie Road on the west and Clearwater on the east.

Scott Woodward is the president of Tapteal Greenway. He's gone to every city council and planning meeting. He's trying to appeal to officials, hoping they'll reconsider extending Rachel Road right through the greenway.
He's asking supporters to do the same.

"If you choose to voice your opinion that's excellent; if you choose just to be there and we feel that physical generation of soul throughout the room, that helps," he said.

The latest effort to stop development is visual. Scott rallied concerned neighbors, getting their help in shooting a short film.

The film will go up on YouTube with the hopes of going viral, illustrating what a road would look like in the middle of the preserve. It's a peaceful way to protest what may be to come.

Aaron is hoping city leaders will take notice.

"To represent the desires of the people and here we are, we're the people, listen to us," he said.

As time may be running out.

Richland City Council will meet this Tuesday with plans of approving the housing plat. The group will continue to reach out to Council at every meeting until a final decision is made.