Same owners, different dogs, repeat bite attacks in Kennewick

Same owners, different dogs, repeat bite attacks in Kennewick »Play Video
KENNEWICK, Wash. -- A Kennewick neighborhood says it's being held hostage by people who allow their dogs to run wild on West Third Avenue.

It's the same spot where James Sousley was attacked by a dog just over a year ago. The 87-year-old was getting his mail when he was bitten by a Great Dane-Boxer mix. The dog had been a problem for a while and was put down after the attack on James.

Now, the same owners have new dogs.

"Blaze was riding his bike yesterday, and the dog ran out and was chasing him," says neighbor Debbie Bradley.

She complains the owners are allowing the dogs to roam free again.

"I walked the kids down to a birthday party last week because the dogs were out there and they were running after them," she said.

It put the neighborhood on high alert. Once again, the school bus driver stops a few houses down, away from the original stop, which is close to where the dogs live.

It came to a head again on Sunday: A jogger was bitten. The dogs were seized immediately. It hasn't been decided what will happen to the dogs - which has neighbors unsatisfied.

"Wondering if they're going to be able to get more dogs and if they're going to be the same," said Debbie.

Authorities confirm the dogs were impounded and a report filed. Any findings of criminal violations will be turned over to the city attorney.

Only a judge can decide whether or not a person is fit to own a pet, even after multiple occurrences just like this situation. Still, there's got to be a lot of evidence to even prove a case before it gets that far.

There are no laws on the books that say otherwise. That's little comfort to neighbors on West Third.

Debbie said, "If they're going to have another dog, maybe they need to be taught how to take care of them or something."

To get all sides, we reached out to the dog owners. No one answered the door.

They did speak to our reporter off camera back in 2012 when the elderly man was bit. They said they were covering his medical expenses with their insurance.