City OKs Richland farmer's market to remain in same location

City OKs Richland farmer's market to remain in same location »Play Video
RICHLAND, Wash. -- “We lost our bargaining chip tonight,” that’s the outcry of businesses hoping the city would make the change at the Richland Farmer’s Market. The council voted unanimously on Tuesday to renew the lease with the market for another three summers.

The farmer's market has been a landmark since 2006, but its success is also its downfall. The market has outgrown its home said some business owners in the Parkway. It's no secret the market is popular, open just 20 Fridays a year, it hosts over a hundred thousand people and generates more than $600 thousand in taxes.

There's no way to compare a few inconvenienced businesses to the impact of losing the market said council members, but the price tag to certain customers is high.

“I have a petition signed by nearly 100 patients that the parking there has interfered with their ability to obtain healthcare,” said Dr. Andrea Kary, with Kary Chiropractic.

Richland City Council approved the permit for the next 3 years to remain in the same spot. Business owners who wanted a change told KEPR they feel like they've lost their bargaining chip with the Market board.

City council asked for both groups to work together and help alleviate parking concerns