Ready, set, go! Congressional candidates get ready for the run

Ready, set, go! Congressional candidates get ready for the run »Play Video
PASCO, Wash. -- Brad Peck is looking to move up the political ladder from Franklin County commissioner to U.S. congressman. He's thrown his hat into the ring to run for Doc Hastings' seat in the fall. It's been a whirlwind of candidate announcements in just the last week since Hastings' announcement narrowing the political field and pressuring people like Peck to go big or go home.

"If your heart is in this, and this is what you want to do, you don't have the luxury to wait," said voter Felix Vargas.

Vargas hit the nail on the head. He's supporting his friend, and now congressional candidate, Brad Peck, but he knows this race will be like none other.

“We're looking at an August primary and November general election. You don’t have a lot of time,” said Vargas. “Activities need to be compressed; things need to be moved up considerably.”

Peck announced his candidacy on Tuesday and in less than 24 hours held his first meet-and-greet, and he's not alone. This week Clint Didier and State Sen. Janéa Holmquist-Newbry announced they would run. They joined Gavin Seim, who declared his candidacy in December.

"I give anyone credit who's willing to go into this,” joked Brad Peck. “Bottom line, it's great people of the 4th district will have a number of people to choose from."

Peck is hoping you'll choose him.

“My background is very diverse. It covers everything from foreign policy type service in the Middle East to military service as a retired Air Force officer,” he said, adding he also has experience at Hanford with nuclear power in addition to wind and solar. “There’s a breadth of experience that's really important in DC."

It wouldn't be his first time in the nation's capital either. His work at the Pentagon as a young officer is what got him interested in politics. His passion for change is what's driving his desire to return.

“I want to do everything that can be reasonably done to accelerate the investment in work at Hanford. I don’t think it necessarily has to be done tomorrow, but it certainly needs to be done right, and the federal government has to fund it," said Peck.

Vargas says Peck is ready for the job and the pace of this election.

"If anything, Doc Hastings did him a favor by waiting this long to make his announcement," said Vargas.

Also mulling a bid is Dan Newhouse, former lawmaker and State Agriculture Director. State Sen. Sharon Brown, R-Kennewick, has formed an exploratory committee.