Pasco PD on the hunt for female driver after car chase

Pasco PD on the hunt for female driver after car chase »Play Video
PASCO, Wash. -- In a matter of moments, an east Pasco neighborhood was filled with police.

A driver was on the run, and officers still aren't sure why. They tried making a routine traffic stop just off North 20th Avenue Monday afternoon.

The woman driving took off as soon as they hit their police lights. Officers realized a chase might be dangerous and eased off.

As soon as police started backing off, the car started speeding down Court Street slamming into two cars. That's when police knew the case was back on.

A passenger bailed out while the driver was still rushing to get away. He tried to run and was hit by another car, his ankle smashed.

Cerenity Ellingford witnessed it all. She said, "At first we heard a loud noise and then a car screeching. It was all banged up."

The car continued about half a mile down the road before stopping in an alley. The woman driving jumped out.

Witnesses say she immediately began banging on windows of nearby homes and yelling to people inside.

"This car comes up and she's like help, help. She just jumps in the car and then they take off," said Cerenity.

Detectives unleashed a K-9 unit to comb the area. After sweeping up and down the neighborhood, the dog didn't pick up a strong scent.

Police weren't able to find her.

KEPR asked police if drugs or weapons were found in the car. Sgt. Ben Majetic said, "We're getting the car towed right now. Once we get it towed, we'll do a search warrant on it and see what evidence is in it."

Officers pulled what looked like a smoldering phone book. They wouldn't confirm if the driver tried to burn the car or any evidence.

Residents say this isn't typical for their neighborhood but they aren't surprised.

Cerenity said, "Not a big shocker, but I'm really hoping nobody got hurt."

Injuries to the other drivers hit were minor, as was damage to their cars.

The woman is still on the run as police try to figure out who she is and why she was fleeing in the first place.