No concrete letters for 2014 track and football season

No concrete letters for 2014 track and football season »Play Video
RICHLAND, Wash. -- The Richland school board has finally reached a decision in the concrete letter debacle at Fran Rish Stadium. It's probably not the answer many of you were hoping for, plan on not having concrete letters for the 2014 track and football season.

It was determined the letters were removed due to safety concerns and pro-active planning for the new bleachers expected. School officials didn’t have an exact response to timeline questions, considering the bleacher installation is more than a year away.

Officials say there was a breakdown in protocol. No written work orders were ever found. The teardown took place based on conversations beginning as far back as last summer.

“I am convinced there was no misconduct, which is the reason I am not issuing any particular discipline against one individual,” said Superintendent Rick Schulte.

One resident spoke against the removal of the letters, and offered a suggestion he said would help to alleviate tensions.

“The ‘R’ was our class gift to the high school, class of ‘68. I'd like to see them go back in the exact way they came out; same size, same dimensions. Then, if you can terrace around them that would be a good idea,” said Ken Dane.

The ‘R’ and the ‘H’ will be replaced next year; in the meantime, school officials are working with alumni to create a temporary fix involving wood or foam. The Carmichael ‘C’ can be replaced in the coming months.

A non-slip surface is being considered.