New restaurants planned for downtown Richland

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RICHLAND, Wash. - New businesses are planned for downtown Richland. There hasn't been much on Swift between the Burger King and Kadlec, but now a re-boot is in place.

The vacant shopping center on the corner of Swift Boulevard and Jadwin Avenue has been sitting for months, adding to the broken down look of some parts of downtown Richland.

Jim Ingram works across the street.

He said, "We need it in the worse way, clean it up, make the downtown area look a lot better."

Jim's had the same office for over 30 years and has seen businesses come and go.

"It's changed, really all the way down Swift towards the hospital, all the hospital, all the construction, all the doctor's offices over there. It's changed tremendously," he said.

Richland invested more than 80 thousand of your money to study this area and find the best way to change it. What's referred to as the Swift Corridor goes from Jadwin to G-Way. This center spot is described as a "prime location".

The original plans called for a drive through restaurant to be built here, but Burger King said no way. They exercised a clause in their lease to stop that from happening, eliminating direct competition.

This sent developers back to the drawing board and delaying the time line.
A new plan includes two buildings, both will have roof terraces for outdoor seating. Jimmy John's and Taco Time will split one location, and an upscale pub will fill the other. If you're worried about parking, don't be. The size of the buildings was shaved down to allow for more spaces.

John said,"I actually thought it was going to be office space but I'm glad to see it's going to be some restaurants, opens up options for us."

Construction could start in about 6 months.

We also checked into the progress of the new hotel on G-Way, east of the Burger King.

It's still on track to open this fall after years of sitting empty.