New mural in Richland's Uptown

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RICHLAND, Wash. - A new mural is going up at Richland's Uptown shopping center, making over a 50-foot wall along the Academy of Cosmetology.

The theme of the painting will fit the theme of the beauty school. Offering a retro-look of women getting their hair done.

The mural costs $5000 and is being paid for by the city's business license fund.

Local artist David Mullins painted a mural in downtown Kennewick. He says it's always tricky to get the image from the page to the wall.

He said, "As far as getting everything proportionally correct on to the wall is probably the hardest part of it."

The mural is one of two that will eventually go on the walls of the Uptown.

David hopes to get the painting done in just over a week.