Mother gives birth in the back of an ambulance

Mother gives birth in the back of an ambulance »Play Video
A Richland mom gave birth on the way to the hospital when her little boy came faster than expected.

Lara Neiffer woke up around two A-M with a shock... her water had broken.

"I told my husband my water broke and then one contraction started and didn't stop," said Lara.

The contractions were so strong, Lara couldn't even walk, so her husband called 9-1-1.

Richland paramedic and firefighter Adam Hardgrove was just as surprised.

" I looked at my partner and said 'Did I just hear that correctly? are we going on active labor?' Because that doesn't happen very often," said Hardgrove.

Emergency crews were at the Richland home within a couple minutes.

"We got there and she was in the bathroom and you could hear her yelling and you could tell that something was happening. Meanwhile, their 2-year old is scared because all these people are coming in the house, so he's crying, it was just a very chaotic scene," said Hardgrove.

"They told me to get on the gurney and then they shoved me in the ambulance," said Lara.

Her husband and toddler rode in a car behind them.

"We took off and not even a block later, I felt like I had to push and I said 'I gotta push! I gotta get this out!' laughed Lara.

"Honestly, I was thinking 'No! No! Hold off!'" admits Hardgrove.

"I could feel his head and then I pushed again and I could feel his shoulders come out and then...there's a baby!" said Lara.

From the moment her water broke to the time the baby was out, it was only about 20 minutes.

"I didn't even know it was possible to have a kid in 20 minutes," said Lara bewildered.

"By far, this is the fastest birth I've ever experienced," said Hardgrove.

"We got to the hospital and they told my husband, 'Congratulations! It's a boy!'" laughed Lara.

The Neiffer family runs a ranch in Oregon and sells grass-fed beef at the Richland Farmer's Market and the Northwest Food Hub.
They brought some of their best steaks to the five firefighters who helped deliver little Lucas Daniel, who will have quite a story to tell about his "mobile delivery," when he's older.

The baby was a healthy eight pounds, two ounces.