More homes coming to Road 68 area in Pasco

More homes coming to Road 68 area in Pasco »Play Video
PASCO, Wash. -- Road 68 is going to get more crowded than it already is. More homes means more cars and more traffic.

Neighbor Pete Rodriguez said, "I was just talking to my wife recently about that, you know, how much traffic is coming in."

He visits his daughter every day, just one street over from where close to 200 new houses will go up. This adds to the traffic backups neighbors already deal with.

"On Road 68 over towards the TRAC, it's packed," Rodriguez said.

The development would go between Road 68 and Convention Drive, just north of the Sandifur Parkway. The housing tract is an extension of the Three Rivers West development. Homes will sit right up against the city limits and Franklin County.

Pasco is seeking public comment before signing off.

The land is zoned, the pipes are down, the utilities are here - the only thing that's missing is traffic control.

Early estimations account for about 1,800 added vehicle trips to this one area per day. The most cars will be at the intersection of Sandifur and Convention Way.

Community Development Director Rick White said, "We're asking the developers to prepare a traffic study that will tell us what's going to happen at that intersection."

New traffic lights may help solve the problem.

Pete has other ideas.

He said, "They need to either make bigger streets or double-decker streets or something."

Anything to keep you moving as Pasco continues to grow.

A public hearing on the plans is this Thursday at Pasco City Hall at 7 p.m.