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They say don't judge a person until you walk a mile in their shoes. That's certainly the case with Mickie Shampang-Voorhies. She's a dental hygienist turned welder and artist, but believe us, you don't want to walk in her shoes. You will, however, want to buy them.

“They’re made totally from scrap steel,” said Shampang-Voorhies. “A lot of it is mine from grates and arbors and trellises and then found objects like old tools and hardware; whatever I can find in a dumpster at the scrap yard."

When it comes to dreaming up the perfect pair of high heels, ball bearings usually don’t come to mind. But if you’re Shampang-Voorhies, they’re the finishing touch.

"Very beautiful pieces,” said one admirer at Art in the Park on Thursday. “They're charming,” he said.

At Howard Amon Park, Mickie has set up shop. Her whimsical collection is out on display and she's hoping this weekend will be a success. This artist, used to be a dental hygienist until a welder let her borrow his tools. “I stayed up all night, I didn’t eat, sleep, drink; I was hooked," she said.

Mickie started creating normal things, until she found a real pair she couldn't afford.

“I thought, ‘oh gosh, I got to have them. What can I do to get these shoes?’ So, I went home and thought ‘I'll make a shoe.’ So, I made a shoe and we traded.” That trade happened again and again.

Her oldest collector is a 94-year-old woman, but her typical clientele are men. “I was shocked as anybody, more men than women!"

Over a hundred vendors set up in the park Thursday, hoping like Mickie to find their match. “I love meeting the people who love them because they're not mainstream, they're weird like me."

Wierd and beautiful, and fortunately for us, everything is for sale.

“You don't think of shoe as an art piece,” said an admirer, “but they are very decorative."

Mickie Shampang-Voorhies sells her shoes for $200 apiece. Art in the Park starts on Friday and ends Saturday.