Ki-Be school board meeting hears one upset parent

Ki-Be school board meeting hears one upset parent »Play Video
BENTON CITY, Wash. -- More than two dozen parents came to Monday night's Ki-Be school board meeting. It was a show of solidarity, they said, to keep the district moving in the right direction. For one parent, that means getting answers about the interim superintendent.

Clark Carlson was at the school board meeting two weeks ago with the same question: “How was Wade Haun chosen to be the interim superintendent?” Carlson said the district needs a clear plan; students can't afford to stay stagnant.

“The most important thing that you guys have to is get us a superintendent,” said Carlson. “One that will have a plan to get our school district in order and get it on track to do the right things.”

Wade Haun was appointed interim superintendent after Rom Castilleja stepped down in January.