Josh Hunt guilty of murdering Josh Snapp

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BENTON COUNTY, Wash. - As we first reported on, a young man from Richland is now a convicted killer. A jury convicted Josh Hunt in the death of his friend, Josh Snapp.

Josh Hunt never denied shooting his friend that day in the desert last summer. He cried on the stand remembering it all. A jury convicted him of second-degree murder.

The state hoped to prove the shooting was premeditated. The jury's decision was one vote shy of a first-degree murder conviction.

The victims father, Chris Snapp, said, "I guess at this point in time, we have to be thankful that they came to the decision they did."

Hunt confessed to his role in the death of 17-year-old Josh Snapp.
He said he had been doing drugs on and off for hours, and even minutes before Snapp was shot.

The state says Hunt and a second man took turns shooting their friend. John Young is still awaiting trial for his role in the murder.

These boys all ran in the same circles, along with Jordyn Richardson, who was both the cousin of the victim and the best friend of one of the suspects.

He said the day before the murder was the last normal day of his life.

"Feel like I could have stopped it, you know," Richardson said. "I was, like, right there. I heard them talk about it before it happened. I didn't think they were serious."

Richardson says he was with all the boys shortly before the crime. He knew Josh Hunt as RJ.

"We can believe that RJ was a part of it any day. I knew he was going to kill someone since the day I met him," he said.

The 19-year-old tried to convince the jury otherwise.

Hunt's attorney, Shane Silverthorn, said, "The crying on the stand's not fake. Every time we talked about it, he's cried."

He says his client wants to accept responsibility and will not appeal his conviction.

Too little, too late for the Snapp family.

Snapp's father said, "Justice will not be served until God finds a way to make it right."

Hunt is facing at least 20 years behind bars. He'll be sentenced next month.

Hunt's alleged accomplice is slated to go on trial next month. John Young, also 19 years old, is also charged with premeditated murder.

If Hunt is sentenced by the time Young faces a judge, he could be called to testify.