Going to the fair on a budget

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TRI-CITIES, Wash. - The fair is back! If you don't go, it's probably because you think it's too expensive. We went to find the best deals for your family budget.

Butch and Julie Lindstrom wouldn't miss the fair. They bring 4 grand-kids every year, often more than once during the 5-day run. They save up for the experience.

Butch said, "When the money's gone, the money's gone."

Just getting in the door 13 bucks for an adult.

Here's where the savings begin. Buy the fair-bus combo pack and it gets you a ticket and a round-trip ride for the same 13 dollar fee, plus you get front gate service.

Once you're in the door, you'll start to get hungry.

Butch said,"You just feed 'em before hand and hope that they don't eat a lot of junk food."

That only works so long, just smelling the curly fries is hard to resist.

We checked out every food booth on the fairgrounds. We found the best deal for lemonade is at the Young Life booth, $2 for 22 ounces.

Corn dogs were about the same price everywhere.

For a deal on elephant ears, head to the Rotary Club's stand. The dough is made from scratch and their ears are the biggest. The dessert in a bag can be shared by a family.

You can't miss the huge sign at Piggly's. They have a new deal this year. For five bucks, you get a hot dog, small drink and a smaller boat of their curly fries.
No other booth offered a deal like this.

After combing through the entire fair we found some of the best deals for families right here in the kids zone.

There are giveaways-a-plenty, from punching bag balloons to candy to games with prizes.

Fair security says you can bring in your own food and drinks if you want to really save. There are plenty of stations to fill a water bottle for free.

Your fair ticket includes a lot of free entertainment like the "petting zoo" and general admission to the rodeo and concerts.

For the Lindstroms, it's a way to make memories while they can.

Butch said,"One day they'll get older, they won't want to hang with grandma and grandpa."

The biggest way to save at the fair is to plan ahead.

Ranch and Home sells carnival wristbands for 20 bucks instead of 30 dollars during one Saturday in the spring. Otherwise, they're a five dollar discount up until the day before the fair opens.

You can get a two dollar discount on tickets as well.

So plan ahead next year if it's not in the budget this time.