What will it take to get you to downtown Pasco?

What will it take to get you to downtown Pasco? »Play Video
PASCO, Wash. -- Pasco has big plans to revamp the downtown, but not if they can't get people to go there.

The Downtown Authority already has issues even getting its meetings on record. So what's to come from spending taxpayer money when other parts of town are booming?

We read the plans on improving downtown Pasco, but wondered, how many people actually make the trip.

Neighbor Alicia Evans said, "As far as we go is the library."

Raoul Castellanos said, "I live by downtown Pasco and I want to get out."

Downtown Pasco isn't known as a shopping, dining or entertainment hub. The city is hoping to change that.

Michael Goins is the head of the Downtown Pasco Development Authority. He's charged with overseeing a five year plan that envisions a 180 from what you see now.

Goins said,"You don't want to say, come to the Tri-Cities but don't go to Pasco, that's not really a good message."

Officials realize one of the biggest hurdles is a language and cultural block. It's been the road block in the past, but not always addressed.

"That understanding took some time to get to, you know. You want everybody here, you just don't want to exclude yourself," Goins said.

Pasco hopes to bring boutique hotels, lofts and cafes. Big plans, that need big leadership.

The board charged with executing those plans, is struggling to even hold a meeting. Often there aren't enough board members to meet a quorum. Michael says it's a matter of getting more regional to find the help.

Switching up what this area has to offer is a top priority. Having too many of the same types of stores or offering the same services isn't going to draw people in.

Goins said, "It's thinking outside the box and being innovative and catering to people's needs."

That's all neighbors like Evans ask for, "Something that's unique to our area. I will definitely go down there and check it out."

Keeping the culture and inviting everyone to share it.

Some of the long term plans have already been implemented. The city now offers free wi-fi throughout all of downtown.