Firefighters respond to two fires at Kennewick apartments

Firefighters respond to two fires at Kennewick apartments
KENNEWICK, Wash -- Dozens of firefighters responded to an apartment building on Clearwater Avenue early Thursday morning, after a second fire there within seven hours.

The first fire broke out about 8:45 Wednesday night at the Lakeside Apartments. The fire started on a balcony and spread inside one of the units. Crews knocked down the fire, but were called back out to the scene about 3 a.m. Thursday for a second fire, this time in the attic.

Battalion Chief Tod Kruetz is not confirming the fires are related, but says they were in the same area of the apartment complex. There is significant damage to the building's roof, attic and about ten apartments.

Kennewick firefighters were assisted by crews from Richland, Pasco, Benton County and Franklin County. No one was injured in either fire.

Authorities say they are waiting to investigate the cause of the fire because the building might still be unsafe.