Tuesday morning fire wipes out Pasco home

Tuesday morning fire wipes out Pasco home
PASCO, Wash. -- The back end of a house off Seventh Avenue is destroyed after a fire Tuesday morning. Flames even spread to a nearby building.

Franklin PUD was called out to secure power lines.

Natasha Mitchell was driving by and called 911 after seeing an elderly woman standing outside, dazed. She was unsure if she was able to call for help.

Mitchell said, "I saw flames and just black smoke coming out of the back of the house, and you could see the woman just standing there, kind of in shock, I guess."

The woman's granddaughter Desarea Estavillo just happened to stop by to visit her. She said, "What happened if I didn't go in there? You know, she was sleeping; she might have not woken up."

Fire officials tell KEPR this fire was especially dangerous due to all the waste in the yard, but everyone got out safely.