Elderly woman pulls a gun on attacker in Pendleton

Elderly woman pulls a gun on attacker in Pendleton »Play Video
PENDLETON, OREGON - Harassed by someone at the park an elderly woman pulled a gun from her waistband and fired a shot in the air.

Pendleton police say she would have been well within her rights to shoot and kill the fellow park goer.

Neighbors have the right to be on edge. A young woman's murder went unsolved for a year until the random beating of a jogger on the riverwalk.

Anna Salvador has lived in Pendleton for most of her life. She said, "I actually took 2 knives from my kitchen with me just because I was nervous about someone attacking me."

She was upset to hear of another attack on a woman.

This time it was a 74 year old. Nancy Ashworth used pepper spray on an unleashed dog that looked like it might attack. The dog's owner didn't take to it too kindly.

Police say Justin Doss popped the elderly lady in the head with his skateboard. She responded with a gun from her waistband, firing it into the air and telling the young man to get away.

Pendleton Police chief Stuart Roberts said, "She felt the need to be armed, both with pepper spray and a fire arm. I think that it is a causational factor of what this community has endured over this last year."

He says he doesn't blame anyone for trying to protect themselves.

Roberts went on to explain Ashworth would have been within her rights to shoot the dog owner after she was hit with the skateboard.

He says there's an expectation of safety and security that comes with living in a small town. Like so many others, he wishes he had more manpower.

Police are hoping the answer is more surveillance cameras just like the ones posted here at the River Walk. They're teaming up with the city to identify other public areas around town where more could be posted.

Roberts says the cameras already in place have proven their worth.
They were key in catching the man suspected of last summer's murder.

Anna supports the idea of adding even more.

"Makes me feel a lot safer, makes me feel more comfortable, taking my kids out after dark if I had to than now," she said.

Trading a bit of privacy for more safety on the heels of another attack on a woman in Pendleton.

Doss faces multiple charges including attempted assault and menacing.

Police advise everyone to be aware of their surroundings, even change up your daily routine to throw off any would-be stalkers.